$4.91 /PCS

  • Temperature range: 200°C – ca. -10°C.
  • Writes immediately after the cap is removed.
  • There is no slipping, squealing or squeaking. You can use the entire tube of paint for extra economy.
  • Dries permanently within 5-7 minutes after marking.
  • Marker won’t dry even if left uncapped for 30-60 minutes.
  • Mismarks can be removed with alcohol.
  • Fade-proof (except fluorescent colors) and waterproof.
  • No brushes or solvents necessary. Marking can be done with one hand at any angle. Nonflammable and completely safe.
  • Writes even upside down.
  • Will not smear or permeate paper.
  • Available in white and 7 regular colors plus 3 fluorescent colors to meet all kinds of marking needs.

Industrial, architectural and business uses:

  • Checking and marking on iron, steel, wood, vinyl, glass, rubber, leather and paper.
  • Checking and marking on architectural and industrial materials.
  • Marking and writing names on outdoor furnishings.
  • Retouching scrapes and worn portions or where paint has flaked off (cars, galvanized sheet iron, housing materials, sashes board gates, fences, etc.).
  • Marking holes to be drilled for bolts.
  • Writing on tires and wheels, etc.

Household Uses:
Suitable for writing on nameplates, hard hats, sporting goods, flowerpots, beach balls, tire tubes, toys, games… an endless variety of household applications!