$2.18 /CAN

RJ LONDON WALL PUTTY is a high quality Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion putty suitable for interior and exterior applications.

It is widely used premium putty,particularly in constructions and projects where fine smooth and excellent finish are required.

RJ Wall Putty is recommended for new and old surfaces, suitable for filling cracks, joints, levelling up uneven rough surfaces such as concrete, cement walls, ceiling, asbestos boards, brick structures, kapok boards, wooden furniture and doors.

RJ Wall Putty has extraordinary fungus resistant, excellent

penetrative and adhesive power to suit high alkaline areas, strong protection against organic and inorganic chemicals and detergents. The excellent workability and sanding property ensure no paint works problem under normal usage.

RJ WALL PUTTY is ready to use, easy to apply and already contains primer,however to have best results primer may be applied.

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