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RJ Gold 22 KT Gold is the basic material Thermoplastic paint with acrylic , which gives the final result is quick drying , excellent adhesion , gloss and brilliant color. Aerosol Gold 22 KT Gold can be used to give a final touch ‘ gold ‘ in the frame, objects of art , and the ornament- decoration around the house and our environment to make it look more beautiful to look at.

Product Specifications

Type : Thermoplastic Acrylic .

Form: Liquid ( fluid )

Color : Gold

Density : 0 , 98-1 , 02 g / ml

Viscosity : 11 , 8 second ( Moderner Cup)

Theoretical coverage: 0 , 100 l / m2 , thickness of 40 microns .

Time to dry: room temperature

Touch dry : max . 15 minutes

Dry hard : 24 hours


  1. Clean the surface to be applied, for example, sanded and wiped it clean. Make sure the surface is dry, and free of dust, rust, oil, silicone and other impurities. Never application or spraying near a heat source / fire.
  2. Protect / close objects are not sprayed with a cloth or paper that is not exposed to dust paint for spraying activity.
  3. The results will look better and last longer if the paint used in the room temperature. (Maximum 35 ° C).
  4. To provide a uniform color and prevent clogging, shake aerosol for 30 seconds until the agitator inside the can feel free to vibrate so that the contents can be mixed with average.
  5. Hold the cans upright with 20 cm distance from the surface to be applied to the position of ‘spray head’ (Knop spray) directly facing the object. Press it slowly “spray head” with the index finger, spray with horizontal movement. During the spraying pressure of the hand on the “spray head” should be constant so as to form a thin layer of paint and flat. Shake periodically during use.
  6. To thicken the layer of paint, wait for a few minutes before repeating the spraying. Repeat spraying in the same way as in point 5.
  7. Spraying with 2 or 3 thin layers with intervals of a few minutes the application will provide optimal results compared to spraying at once with direct application results thick.
  8. When finished use, turning the can and spray for 3-5 seconds to clean the spray button channel mechanism (prevents clogging) so it can be reused easily in the future.
  9. If there is a blockage in the ‘spray head’, remove the spray head in a circular motion on the position of the top of the can and spray head that will be opened is directed away from the face and body.
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