$7.09 /CAN

RJ Anti Corrosion Primer is a component of the base paint ( base coat ), which is made from Thermoplastic Acrylic, specially formulated for use as an anti-corrosive primer for metal, because it contains anti- corrosion additive materials. The results of the application of these products dry quickly, good adhesion to the substrate / medium are applied, corrosion-resistant, prevents rust, non- yellowing, and has elasticity / flexibility is good.

Product Specifications

Type : Thermoplastic Acrylic

Form: Liquid ( fluid )

Color : Primer Grey / Primer Red / Flat White

Density : 0, 95-1, 20 g / ml

Viscosity : 13-14 second ( Moderner Cup)

Theoretical coverage: 0, 160 l / m2.

Time to dry: room temperature

Touch dry : max . 15 minutes

Hard dry : 24 hours

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