$4.69$5.67 /PCS

Pressure Sprayer helps to spray large volumes of fertilizer/insecticide/fungicide solution or just plain water with ease. It comes with a spray lock button and an adjustable nozzle head.

Directions for Use: Fill the bottle with water or any other fertilizer/medicine solution and close the bottle, ensure the cap is fully tightened. Start pumping the bottle until the pressure inside the bottle reaches a level where the pump is met with too much resistance. Aim the nozzle at your targets and depress the lever on the handle to start spraying. The lever can be locked into spray position to make it easier to use. The pump can be used while the bottle is discharging to increase pressure to maintain the spraying power.

Pressure should be released after each use by loosening the cap to increase the longevity of the bottle and pump.

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