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Uses• Vessel : Bottom, ventilation duct, heat exchanger, water tank, drain pump, marine facilities of vessels.

• Bridge : Rustproofing of pier, wire rope, foot, bolt, nut and welded part.

• Vehicles : Muffler, body, underbody, fuel tank inlet, welded area of heavy equipment, parking facilities.
• Generation and electric system: Transmission tower, broadcasting facility, antenna, steel tower, street light.

• Construction: Pipes installed underground, elbow, steel structure, fence.

• Others.
1. Pipeline of refinery plant.
2. Piping and opening tank of freezer and airconditioner manufacturer.
3. Rustproofing of machinery and equipment of chemical plant.
4. Outdoor steel structures.
5. Agricultural equipment and snowplow.
6. Welded portion of guardrails in expressway.
7. Rustproofing of water discharge channel system of irrigation channel.

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