$5.45 /CAN

1. Patented deodorizer with a completely new deodorizing effect.
2. The ingredients are pure water + silver ions only. Does not contain any other stimulants.
3. Safe and safe to use on fires, high temperatures, and even in contact with human skin.
4. It has been tested for mineral water, so you can handle it just like water. However, it is not drinking water. [Examples of use] For preventing hospital infections in hospitals, disinfection cleaning at care facilities, disinfecting hands and fingers, disinfecting deodorizing in hotels, inns, schools, public facilities, cleaning kitchen appliances, disinfecting and deodorizing clothing, disinfecting toilets, antibacterial disinfecting (white coat, mask, equipment, etc.), antibacterial disinfecting bacteria in bathrooms, and deodorizing pet (preventing bacteria).

● Kills odour causing bacteria.
● Effective against shoe odours.
● Keeps feet fresh and odour-free.
● Dries with no residue.
● Suitable for all kinds of shoes, socks, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, etc.
● Capacity: 360ML (Spray/Bottle) 1 bottle.