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Sensitivity / Accuracy :

  • Sensitivity is the gradient when bubbles move.
  • Accuracy is a variation within the range of “0° ± accuracy”.

Sensitivity : 0.5mm/m = 0.0286°
Accuracy : ±2.5mm/m = Within ± 0.1432°

Usage :

  • It is used for measurement of horizontal and vertical by doing work such as do-it-yourself carpentry for construction, civil engineering, plumbing, installation of electric blunt equipment etc.

Specifications :

  • Aluminium alloy extruded material curing treatment
  • Fluorescent colour ABS resin cover
  • 4-line acrylic bubble tube
  • With 1 magnet

Features :

  • It is very convenient for construction of a steel construction plant with a strong magnet.
  • With 45° attachment, it is very convenient to judge method gradient.
  • With V grooved on measurement reference surface, pipe etc. can be measured.

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